AERON is a total contractor of marine and industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning - HVAC systems. We are a leading supplier of complete HVAC systems to the global shipping industry. Our headquarter is located in the Norwegian costal city of Flekkefjord.



Address: Norway, FLEKKEFJORD, 4400 Nulandsvika 8

Contact person: e-mail, website

Phone: +47 38 327800

Fax: +47 38 327801

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Air Handling Units Send enquiry  
Air Handling Units
The units are assembled from a wide range of standard sections
Hard fastness between panels and frame to ensure good air tightness.
The spiroduct can be connected directly to the sections for easy installation.
Automation Send enquiry  
We deliver all necessary control panels, starters, frequency converter systems, valves, motors, sensors and other accessories necessary for controlling and monitoring of AERON HVAC systems.
Air-Terminals and Cabin Units Send enquiry  
Air-Terminals and Cabin Units
Marine Cabin Units and air terminals are designed for use in high speed marine air-conditioning systems. Their task is to control the flow of air, its distribution and temperature. The units are tested in a special laboratory for optimum performance
Refrigerations and Cooling Plants Send enquiry  
Refrigerations and Cooling Plants
Our range of refrigerating units will cover every need for refrigeration onboard a modern vessel. Tailor made to fulfill all requirements from shipyards, ship-owners, classification and national authorities.

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